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am_i_awake - Check the Server is running.

archive - Archive Last Years Data files

chargeback - Create a Chargeback letter.

Chaser - Chase people who play but not pay.

checkserver - Check on Server Upedness

communicate - Receive and log a communication

enterguests - Enter the Names of the Invitees

fds - Document - Save & Pay

flush - Flush out Old Wills.

ipn - PayPal Instant Notification.

login - Login

login_setup - Setup Login Details

mywe - Pay From email

mywp - Certificates - Write.

mywr - Review Entries

mywrh - Review History Entries

mywv - View the contents of a data file.

nomail - Our Email did not arrive?

pay - Document Pay

ppexpress - PayPal Express CheckOut

restore - Restore Old Certificates.

restoreIt - Restore Specified Document

Statistics - Show the sales statistics.

TermStats - Show Statistics by Term

thanks - Thanks for your payment.

vc - Visitor Counter

vl - Visitor Locator

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