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Mercedes8_S New york city
talking points: Fake news Libtards/snowflakes /wave feminist Her emails/Unranium One/Benghazi dossier/Soros/I don'…
dandatum Atlanta, GA
@ProudResister @WendyMarcinkie1 damn STRAIGHT !!.....but with these GOP Russian-controlled BUMS ?.....after Trump i…
Juleschao East Sussex
@TheGoodGodAbove Mark Caldwell has 8 numbers ... so my guess is he’s fake... sadly they’re having real influence.
LukesReject1996 wilmington delaware
Best fake prom ever @waterparks @awsten @underscoregeoff
Stop with your fake ass concern,you are not trying to fight but you are acting like you know how exo and exo-l's th…
Why fake news finds favour and facts fall off the mental radar
NenaMcQueen United States
@lsarsour Fake Ass liar
Pro-Trump "news" account with bought followers floods with fake news, most of which are racist of course. 🖕…
@davrosz Well it's fake as @BarnabyJoyceLNP is a fake himself Sitting in Parlt under false pretence
Chaserrrrs Arkansas, USA
It's official y'all, next semester I will be starting my Software Engineering degree 🙂