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When the lies forges documents

When the lies forges documents manufactures on industrial scale slanders individuals and demeans before the world like has done the vile perpetrators are innocent victims says who cropped docs to peddle a fake story on

KanchanGupta भारत | India When the #Left lies, forges documents, manufactures #FakeNews on industrial scale, slanders individuals and demeans #India before the world, like @thewire_in has done, the vile perpetrators are innocent victims, says @nramind who cropped docs to peddle a fake story on #Rafale. Senior Adviser, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, New Delhi.
rohanduaT02 Journalism cant be built on pitches of own political leanings When I exposed then Union rail min Bansal, CMs Virbhadra & Badal, Majithia,cases were filed on me for writing truth based on spadework, documents But affluent Varadarajan & Venu misled India.. Journalist. Founder/Executive Editor @TheNewIndian_in. Ex @toi, @Reuters. Writing gives me gratification. Earn my livelihood out of it. Fiercely fearless.
KanchanGupta भारत | India Laughable! DIGIPUB did not utter a word to admonish, leave alone condemn, @thewire_in @svaradarajan for manufacturing forged and fake documents on an industrial scale. But it has rushed to condemn police action. Birds of a feather flock together. Senior Adviser, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, New Delhi.
GerryMa30999894 @wiseman507 @ACmoonshot @traversingUS @HogansOneIron @hodgetwins But out of curiosity what are your thoughts on a candidate calling a secretary of state and asking them to “find more votes? Or forging Electoral College Documents in order to present a fake set of electors? Very proud husband, father, grandfather, to a multiracial family. Also musician, photographer, DJ and an Independent centrist who leans a little to the left.
niths_v bangalore India @AbhishBanerj @dhanyarajendran No they didn't! They all believe that Arnab does not represent press. But imagine fake story peddler TheWire is real journalism. Or even TheHindu for blatantly showing forged documents on Rafael matter. Mann the stuff that climbs out of gutt ... journalism in India! Atheists fear almighty god more than polytheistic idolaters! An Adolan Heebie Jeebie!
EvansSpeaks Lagos, Nigeria Paid money to a fake online visa agent who faked that he works with Canadian high commission in lagos. Paid total of 720k as initial payment for Canadian visa without meeting him. He sent some fake documents for me to sign that was when my eyes opened nah me fuck up #MyScamstory Creating something iconic 💯/ Business Minded/ Creative mindset/ Writer/ Speaker/ Goal Getter/ Rule player/ Game changer/ CR7 No 1 fan/ #meetyouatthetop
highervibe_369 @simonjohnsonvan @jamesholden @Femi_Sorry Months long trek through many SAFE countries using illegal facilitation, fake documents and no genuine ID! in other words illegal entry and a huge security risk as the usual checks are circumvented and no way of knowing who they really are. Try applying some basic common sense One of many Resist the reset No/never
JohnSch58385341 Yuri Vanetik loses the lawsuit. Forged documents? Fake tickets? @yurivanetik @VanetikPolitics #yurivanetik #lawsuit #q #qanon #trump #russianlobbyist #EpsteinClientList
wokbonds San Francisco Glenn, can you explain why in the fu3k Edward Snowden wouldn't want all of his stolen NSA documents released? Is it because the other ones make the NSA look good and are not fake? Yeah, it's because of that, isn't it Hoes Mad As A Service 2.0: Now More Angrier Vegan. Eat the Rich. Woky has lil wok ⚓
UberMitch san diego @RMFifthCircuit I can do one better, here's a lawyer who was making up entirely fake lawsuits and supporting documents to fool his clients just a simple lawyer from a sleepy border town he/him
AnthonyPro64 @EliseStefanik I read all the news out there I never seen this But Breitbart Is the difination of Fake News,Playing the victim again,Its your Nazi party fault for spewing Lies & HATE,We still want to know why your Name was in Trumps Toilet,Why would he try to flush documents Pretty Interesting Life is short ,Enjoy while you can,I like sharing The world news

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