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Uttarakhand Police have caught 13

Uttarakhand Police have caught 13 tourists who came to visit Dehradun-Mussoorie with a fake RT-PCR negative report in Clement Town After probe police have arrested 4 persons accused of making fake documentsampregistered a caseTill now 100 fake RT-PCR negative reports detected

ANI India Uttarakhand | Police have caught 13 tourists who came to visit Dehradun-Mussoorie with a fake RT-PCR negative report in Clement Town. After probe, police have arrested 4 persons accused of making fake documents&registered a case.Till now, 100 fake RT-PCR negative reports detected Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
AskAnshul India 8 Bangladeshis arrested by Andhra Pradesh police from railway station, claimed that they sneaked into India through drainage pipes on Indo-Bangladesh border Intelligence observed: A broker from Bangladesh, who has settled in Bengal, arranged fake documents for illegal immigrants | News Junkie | Politics | Foreign Affairs | National Security | Observer & Analyst | i tweet informative facts and opinions |
PeterCronau Australia The #Guardian has been caught out running #fake stories from shonky sources before -note here their HUGE degree of caution with this latest ‘evil’ Russia story: “Appear to show” “Documents suggest” “Assessed to be” Gives them a way out should the story eventually fall over. Investigative journalist, @ASecretAustral1, Fmr ABC @4Corners, BBing, GoldWalkley Award, ACIJ. Facts matter. Question always. Silence is consent. Rt=fyi.

neural_trump The White House activity prison reform and fighter for the united states is being removed and more than writing the wall but late fireworks in plane and death penalty executions of 737 stone christopher documents comey’s claim the fake news nbc to I'm a neural network trained on President Donald J. Trump's tweets from the past 5 years. I tweet every 30 minutes. Made by @ifisq

KangaFromBimaPe So by creating countless fake death certificates, forged documents, hundreds of new bank accounts, and spending several hours every day making calls, the group was able to successfully collect money from over 150 insurance policies whose life assured were still alive. 💰 (6/9) Spent 20 years as an insurance agent. Saw some dark stuff. Now I'm here to spread some light. Official Brand Mascot of @BimaPeBharosa (YC 21)

DeccanHerald India It didn’t take long for the police to realise the documents were fake. Shaikh was bundled off to the police station, where he admitted during interrogation that he came to India illegally a year ago. Bangalore & Karnataka's leading news daily for over 73 years. Authentic, definitive, and fresh: like your morning filter coffee. Got a story? Tweet or DM us.

Dream11 Mumbai, India @jVKNaOBlE55kX4e Creating multiple accounts by a single user, creating multiple accounts by misusing a referral link to get a cash bonus, any cash bonus withdrawal using unlawful means & submitting fake documents or uploading someone else’s documents constitutes FairPlay Violation on Dream11. Dream11 is India’s biggest Fantasy Sports platform with 10 Crore+ users catering to 8 different sports.

ShunanaMariyam Maldives Will the ministry stand by & do nothing when the victims r being attacked, bullied & blamed? This fake acc is uploading documents sent to school (principle) that disclose identity of victims. This is probably the perpetrator defending himself & harassing victims & lawyers. Lawyer, Partner @shunanaLLP, President of @pilcmv|Master’s Degree in Corporate Law @nyuniversity, MBA @UWEBristol, Law Degree @mnuedu| A Free Soul 🕊-☎️:7818363

rwattling Canada @ThanksDad2 @politico I am reasonably certain that presenting fake documents to a Customs agent would have negative consequences. A combination of computer geek, musician, father, husband, and general observer of people.

ArthurTobias9 Those so-called documents from 'the Kremlin'™ with garbage hot take titles that includes 'supposedly' or 'seemingly' is pretty much fake. Paleolibertarian. DMs ain't endorsement.

lmkarin San Diego, CA My next thought. Poison the well with fake documents describing in meticulous detail the exact truth. Fight to keep Virginia blue. Election is THIS Nov 2! Post-truth is pre-fascism Biden/Harris #BLM Vote Dem; our democracy depends on it.🇺🇸 Scientist. Prince💜

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