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The Wire s Meta story

The Wire s Meta story isn t only about fake news but also about forged documents DIGPUB said legal action against The Wire will affect press freedom What about denigration of India by global organizations due to The Wire s Tek Fog story which it has withdrawn after 10 months

AskAnshul India The Wire's 'Meta story' isn't only about fake news but also about forged documents DIGPUB said legal action against The Wire will affect press freedom What about denigration of India by global organizations due to The Wire's Tek Fog story which it has withdrawn after 10 months? | News Junkie | Politics | Foreign Affairs | National Security | Observer & Analyst | i tweet informative facts and opinions |
KanchanGupta भारत | India When the #Left lies, forges documents, manufactures #FakeNews on industrial scale, slanders individuals and demeans #India before the world, like @thewire_in has done, the vile perpetrators are innocent victims, says @nramind who cropped docs to peddle a fake story on #Rafale. Senior Adviser, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, New Delhi.
ShefVaidya Pune, Maharashtra Yes, my American citizen bro published a fake story with a criminal intent, his publication forged n fabricated documents, kept lying till they were exposed! Then they tried to save their posterior, but coz they claim to be ‘journalists’, Indians should defend their right to LIE! Author, Speaker. Fellow-Ananta Leadership Program, BORI-Infosys Fellow, Convenor-Indic Academy. Love Travel, Temples And Textiles. #NoBindiNoBusiness
OaklandInHouse Oakland, CA @LizzieM12807558 @lisagd22 @DeAnnGlobalHea1 @briantylercohen Not nearly the same as having fake electors pretend they won by forging documents, pressuring and villainizing election officials who are in the same party who say they lost, and having thousands storm the Capitol while threatening lawmakers, but you do you. 😂 I auto block Qs Blocked by Rudy Giuliani (haha), Independent liberal #trans 🏳️‍⚧️ (#FTM), #equality for POC/women/#LGBTQ, I don’t FB business/crypto BS
Kevinrochayfra1 Nice, France Fraud by False representation by Kevin Rochay should be investigated by HMRC worldwide criminal investigation service. Fake gold investments in Rwanda and Tanzania fake government ministers and sovereign fund’s documents to authorise contracts with intent to launder money. Has knowingly been defrauding millions from the vulnerable living a lavish lifestyle False investments #kevinrochay #rochaygroup #fraudster #rochayelite #fyp
femfict 🌪️🔥⛈️🌮🍕🍞🍜🍝🍿☕💻🛁 If you see fake documents for CUPE workers that far exceeds 39 K Please report the fraud to twitter There is a button on each tweet so you can report them easily #ONTED Writer of dark tales / French Canadian/#writingcommunity /sketch artist/#scrabble junkie/ #demisexual #submissive #thighthursday
SaveDemocracy99 United States @Pemom9 @UltraMagaJason @TimRunsHisMouth You don't live in reality. But State and Federal Grand Juries do. Trump FAKE ELECTOR SCAM Grand Jury investigation Trump advisor Kash Patel granted immunity to testify in Mar-a-Lago documents A democracy must remain at home in all matters which affect the nature of her institutions
stworkacnt #Olxfraud #fakearmyman Fake documents he provided
OverlordLondi @BigPissGuy @DrWallkick U MOTHERFUCKER HOW IS EYE FUCKING WITNESS FAKE!? Jesus u guys are fucking insane, Look up jesse sigal, I did not know that KF has powers to change the court documents. And u call other people delusional and stupid
hackpires @ZenabBerry12 @learnsean @DanRather The story wasn't fake you dimwit how he got some of the documents was questioned by Bush administration. Turns out the story itself was true. InfoSec by Day Hackers By Night. All I need is 15% of your passwords.
AAA_Photog The Department of Homeland Security had documents outlining fake terrorists for trump and you wanna talk about gas prices?! It’s so hard to vote for corpo Dems, and one day people will decide revolution is better than delaying the slide to fascism with this buffoonery Activist. Artist. Author. co-host/Producer for @SithtyMinutes he/him/el
ableraces CT, USA The man w/the ridiculous red hat, who stole fr his charity, had a fake university, had sex with a porn star right after his wife gave birth, stole classified documents, headed an insurrection, etc., is running for president again. He could win bc apparently many hate democrats! 🌍We need to please keep our Blue planet Green🌍NOT giving up Don’t YOU give up VOTE 🌿🌹🌳VOTE BLUE our VOTE COUNTS🇺🇦💙🇺🇦
MaryGar15035237 So I hope the documents out there with him being dead I hope that's fake but if not there you go are you at least have something that says he's dead no please leave them alone you have someone says my son is dead so please leave us alone I'm here alone by myself
TeriFarris6 @RonFilipkowski Wait...what?! Trump "grab them by the p**sy," mocking a disabled reporter, Mexicans are murderers, fake christian, stealing classified documents, insurrectionist trying to overthrow an election, twice impeached, worst president ever...NOW he's an idiot?!! 🤣😂
ExInfantryGrunt @churchlady320 @nomechick @JillWineBanks @sunshinek67 @thedailybeast @DOJCrimDiv I am DONE with this "perfect case" baloney. * January 6 attempt to overthrow our government * seven slates of fake electors * confidential documents stolen and not returned when demanded * the phone call to SecState Raffensberger, 11,780 votes INDICT & CONVICT HIM Husb, father, g-father, VN infantry Vet. U.S. Constitution. Opposes racism, greed, & misogyny. Vote Blue for Democracy. NO LISTS!
mahewadi Planet C-53 @rohini_sgh Yep agree completely. They should sit at home and cook up stories, provide fake documents and then chill with booze and kebab. Product specialist at Biscuit manufacturing plant.
PenceHeadFlies Love Canal @KurtSchlichter Stupid things like inciting an insurrection, extorting Ukraine, stealing classified documents, banging porn stars, defrauding people with fake university, groping women because he's a celebrity that gets away with it and butchering pandemic response costing thousands of US lives? I am Byron York's head up Trump's ass
AndrewFmOregon Beaverton, OR @hugolowell @GuardianUS Amazing that a guy who was behind a bloody coup attempt, who tried to overturn an election via an illegal fake electors scheme and strong-arming GA election officials and stole 11,000 classified documents is out free and running for POTUS. Why even have a DOJ? Fast, agile, basically a large ninja. 4th generation Oregonian. I respond to tree knocks in the forest.
JumboElliott76 Long Island, New York @GOP Little diff than an organized attempted coup. Fake electors Fake electoral documents Strong arming state election officials GOP members violating constitutional duties Using armed militias to pressure lawmakers MaGa College football HOF. Super Bowl Champion. 75th Anniversary All time Giants team 98 AFC East division champs Jets.
mayflower862 Port St Lucie, FL @HenryBack2Play @BreitbartNews They vote for Republicans. Stolen top secret documents, income tax evasion, fake stolen election Democrat, lover of animals, the environment and justice. 🐱
TruthandValues @D0mina_Diana @TheFungi669 Thinking that number is now greater! Since even “some” Trumpers can’t excuse stealing money from them via fake donations going into his pocket and stealing this nations classified documents “no for many” this was the bridge to far Retired educator. Ego not defined by social media nor follower numbers a measure of self worth. I can be ok with your right to not like my opinions
DinnerWed NYC .@RossBarkan really...do you actually research court documents when you call things a stupid right wing rumor. Fake shill journalist Media Consultant.Rights of nature advocate #saveeastriverpark #saveWagnerPark☘️☘️#FreeAssange Food community that helps feed everyone
PatsyMcGarryIT patsy.mcgarry@irishtimes.com @SUPFORALL @DrUmarAlQadri @IrishTimes Fake documents...
medieval_trash way too many places at once @anisupremacy As far as I know my murder goblin, I wouldn't put forgery and manipulation of historical documents to badmouth a dead person, past him. Easy. Fake the diary entries, fuck with Louis' mind and you get what you get in ep 5. Your resident metalhead medievalist working on a fantasy novel, who is a tad bit obsessed with cats. Ancient demon. (she/they, 27, non-discriminating)
I_m_Cre8tve1 @RonnyJacksonTX Yet, you rail and pontificate in defense of a FAKE burger who, among a lifetime of crime, incited a violent attack on our nation’s Capitol and stole top secret classified documents from the White House. Loving life. I will always advocate for peace, love, charity, honesty, decency, climate, sustainable energy, gun safety, fairness and equality. 🌎☮️💟
Ultra_Heroic_Tr Free State Of Florida,BidenSSR @randumbmike @DanRather The documents were so obviously phony. Rather is a liar, just another Fake News a$$hole. #IFBAP #FJB #MAGA
robinde38908936 @navifinance @RBIsays The document i received over watsup they are calling for Navi outstanding they giving mai fake Navi legal notice and using abousive language is that ok, I paid 1 emi last month and told him I will pay last 2 emi this month,they are using fake documents
templarlad British town centres full of 100s of migrant men in the country probably on fake documents and claiming asylum pretending to flee the war. The left claim to care about female rights but they are openly putting them at risk by advocating open borders Just here to make fun of libs. anti communism. anti Marxism

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