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The Bar Association filed a

The Bar Association filed a complaint with the local police wherein it alleged that the accused Sessy Xavier stole books and rare documents as a librarian

OpIndia_com New Delhi The Bar Association filed a complaint with the local police, wherein it alleged that the accused, Sessy Xavier, stole books and rare documents as a librarian News and opinions website, bringing the right side of India to you.
OpIndia_com New Delhi Kerala: Woman pretends to be an advocate for 2 years, flees with rare books and documents after anonymous letter exposes her News and opinions website, bringing the right side of India to you.
TheEconomist London “Vaccination passport without the vaccination”: how black marketeers operate a roaring trade in fake vaccination documents in Kazakhstan News and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here:
dhunji Mumbai, India @ProsaicView It would have been easier to study and pass the Law examinations than the effort to create fake documents and identity Founder, Shift Axis. All my views - mostly without malice.
JJS4Tweet Georgia Faked Election Audit Conducted By Trump Enemy, Documents Show
BraBobM Your girlfriend's closet @RyDollaSign Fake documents are generally contrived, I don't get what you're getting at. My opinions are mine, just like you have yours, if mine hurt your feelings then cry me a river. I don't suffer from approval addiction.
LFCAffair @sportingintel SCENARIO 5 City hand over fake documents and PL finds nothing to incriminate City and City walks free. @LFC affairs. Once a Red, always a Red. LFC lover. Proud. If I could transform myself I will transform to a Scouser. Follow me and I will follow you back.
itssaurabh06 New Delhi, India Dangerous news SRINAGAR: 1000s and 1000s arms licences issued on fake documents. CBI raids 40 locations spread across #Srinagar, #Ananatnag and #Baramulla in #Kashmir; #Jammu, #Udhampur and #Rajouri in Jammu province and #Delhi. Previously associated with @TimesofIndia & @larsentoubro , Proud Military Brat 🪖, सवाल पूछना मेरा अधिकार है , जवाब से भागना आपका अधिकार है ।
Christo38330321 @CyrilRamaphosa They walked all over me with fake documents & it was the way I kept calling her name in tears that made the judge award me the case. She begged me to forgive her & I couldn't that's how she consumed the chlorine tablets for the swimming pool How 1 man becomes an enemy of state to stop his children from being sexually abused by the dirtiest & most corrupt police force in country
DouglasGScott5 Who even mixed our names up & tried to claim we signed eachother & ourselves to death after tampering with CSIS & Government documents with adopted fake prince Charles who I cancelled the adoption papers finally & nolonger has right to claim part of my family & King Edward 8 the Prince 4-5X Scotty Scott as Marshal Douglas G. Scott Department Real D.O.B.Nov 26 th1969 Registered D.O.B.Nov 6 the 1970 P.O.B.Peta Wa Wa-Sudbury O
GurnamS22897037 @trafficchd @ssptfcchd @DgpChdPolice @DGPPunjabPolice Dear Sir So Many Cab's Run in Chandigarh Without Documents Fake Insurance Duplicate RC without Tax . & All Cab & Auto Drivers Not wearing Taxi Auto Uniforms. gurnam Singh
2muchfun4me Canada The IDU CPC Conservatives pretend to advocate free speech but criminalized dissent.  They falsified documents, wrote laws retroactively and held fake immigration ceremonies. Canada's social conscience in a turmoil of right-leaning yellow journalism.
ajayraj_sree Hyderabad, India #cybercrime @CyberCrimePSCyb @CyberCrimeshyd @cyber yesterday received a call from number +917835858469. Asking for documents, aadhar and photo. Ans asking for 2000 INR for process. Regarding fake job offer from Indigo airlines. And attached bank details and gpay number. Thanks
jadderol Houston, Tx @bayloretta The Venn Diagram of those people and people complaining about “illegals” getting fake documents is a circle. Baylor Music Education, Retail Management, Baylor sports nut. He/Him/His
MacJerri_ @Gleninmtl @Tsunehme @punctiliouspunk @nytimes Wrong it wasn't trump who started fake media mantra . Because declassified CIA documents prove the press is controlled by them and the crooked Politicians . It's called "Project Mockingbird" a CIA operation that turns the media into a propaganda lying machine . Investor 📈 Immunology Student 📋 Psychic 👁️ Yogi 🙇 You are living a short dream now. When you wake up you'll wish you hadn't taken it so seriously 🌌
LinhHong211 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @CryptoTalkzInfo @PremiumBlock Premium Block deals quite a bit with the user's KYC issue. However, nowadays, there are many fake proofs as well as identity cards. So how does your platform verify that the user-supplied documents are correct? @XuanHa94342208 @Hann16Gia @Hong1199T Love BTC, LOVE APOLLOcurrency
dcurrie825 Atlanta, From NE Fake Election Audit Conducted By Trump Enemy, Documents Show | Royal Patriot ⁦@monicaonairtalk⁩ More crap from our trusted GA SOS✅👎🏻 #BuildTheWall | 3 boys (1🎗☝️😇) | #Autism | 🇺🇸 Patriot | #MAGA | #AmericaFirst | #Veterans | #BackTheBlue | #NRA | #codeofvets #KAG2022 | Big Red 🏈
srikumarsmenon Guruvayur, Kerala - India 🇮🇳 Yet another 100 crores scam has shocked hundreds of customers in a Kerala-based Karuvanur co-operative bank. The modus operandi involved drawing loans using property documents without the knowledge of land owners. But there is more than meets the eye. Social Activist | Hindu Nationalist | Travel & Tour Consultant | Media Observer | Traveller | Political Analyst |
younggothamjedi California I promise you there’s 16 and 17 year olds trying to fake documents so they can do onlyfans. They giving up on life way before 18. 🥴 I got all y’all favorite celebrities blocked and muted because y’all annoying as hell. They gotta be embarrassed by y’all. 😴
lillys_news Fake Election Audit Conducted By Trump Enemy, Documents Show | Royal Patriot Trump —-the best president ever, ❤️ 💕 💗. Trump fixes DEMOCRATS destroy, economy, immigration, respect, equality, the rule of law, good jobs, we are American.
Satishp03 9 Iranians arrested for staying illegally with fake Aadhaar cards & invalid travel documents in Chennai. Is it so easy to procure fake Aadhar Cards? Retired Infantry Officer.
SkordahlBrian @RepSwalwell @TuckerCarlson But only problem is he’s not lying. You have never wanted to respond to anyone ever to fully deny anything. So you deny dating a woman that was a Chinese spy? Prove Tucker wrong then!! But please don’t use or make some fake documents as y’all did with the Dossier ROLL TIDE

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