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PS North Rohini busted a

PS North Rohini busted a fake call center with the arrest of 7 accused 5 female2male12 mobiles 5 SIM cards 9 fake rubber stamps 7 registers amp other documents recovered

dcprohinidelhi Rohini, New Delhi #CrackDownOnFakeCallCenters PS North Rohini busted a fake call center with the arrest of 7 accused (5 female+2male).12 mobiles, 5 SIM cards, 9 fake rubber stamps, 7 registers & other documents recovered. #ZeroToleranceAgainstCrime @CPDelhi @SanjaySingh_IPS @ssyips @DelhiPolice Official account of #DCPRohiniDelhi. Happy to connect and serve. Instagram: , FB: For emergency: dial 112.
TheEconomist London “Vaccination passport without the vaccination”: how black marketeers operate a roaring trade in fake vaccination documents in Kazakhstan News and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here:
OpIndia_com New Delhi The Bar Association filed a complaint with the local police, wherein it alleged that the accused, Sessy Xavier, stole books and rare documents as a librarian News and opinions website, bringing the right side of India to you.
goodwill_kid Terra Incognito @JaakkolaKaarina @mcspocky Will fake Vaccine documents be of any use to horribly infected people with covid and and a host of variants struggling to breathe begging for oxygen cylinders and ventilators ? FIGHT POVERTY , NOT THE POOR, HELPLESS, DESPERATE AND THE VULNERABLE
dipayan0074 Hubli, India @onnonya_tweets That is the Crux of this statement from LRS..CAB does not want people born and brought up in other states to play for Bengal..few days back, many players were caught having fake Aadhaar and other documents and CAB has taken a strong stand against it.. Banker
ProfCS5 @gimbakakanda @femenem04 It may interest u to know that the fake documents for Fx returns rendition are sold within the vicinity of CBN. Nobody is going to be fined cos CBN are in on the scam- even the governor... forget the rhetoric! CS common but ....

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