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Jones is not allowed to

Jones is not allowed to oversee normal day-to-day business operations But she s empowered to review all financial disclosures to any persons or entities Trump Org can longer file fake documents to banks and insurance companies

Jose_Pagliery New York, USA Jones is not allowed to oversee "normal, day-to-day business operations." But she's empowered to review "all financial disclosures to any persons or entities." Trump Org can longer file fake documents to banks and insurance companies. @thedailybeast political investigations reporter βš”
CPHydCity Telangana HCP’s taskforce team busted a fake arms licence racket. The prime accused colluded with some private security firms and prepared fake documents and procured real fire arms through the gullible youth belonging to J&K who were lured on the promise of placement as security guards. Commissioner of Police,Hyderabad City. Join Hands with us to make a Safer Hyderabad Dial 100 in case of Emergency

StarTribune Minneapolis, MN Court documents filed in Nebraska reveal a Worthington, Minn., manager of a sanitation contractor solicited fake identification documents that obscured the age of children illegally hired to clean slaughterhouses in the Midwest. #startribunemustread Minnesota's top choice for news. Journalists: Behind the scenes: @btstartribune πŸ‘‰
DustinSwartz14 @DanRather Get back to something you know about - like plagiarizing fake documents to meddle in a Presidential election. Hack...

howfunnyismath @YashTri91047970 @kesarinakha @IndiaHistorypic Gandhi is not father of nation its not mentioned anywhere in goverment documents its fake as narrative spread by congress in 60 years.

Biggib62 New Hampshire, USA @DanRather Says the has been who was fired for producing fake documents. Your not relevant and neither are your opinions...... Old school independent conservative. Believes in Christ. That is all..

JZCHAUDHARY Lahore, Pakistan @ShehryarReal @MichelleObama @MaryamNSharif @ImranRiazKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @SSEHBAI1 @AzamKhanSwatiPk @Asad_Umar @SdqJaan @aliimumtaz @ImranKhanPTI @Hammad_Azhar @fawadchaudhry Dear Shehryar, politics aside, here is the Project report available on USAID website. It is purely a humanitarian project. Please don't spread fake propaganda against Pakistan & USAID projects. @MaryamNSharif @MichelleObama #USAID #USA Technical & Vocational Education | M&E | Enthusiast in #Automation #Robotics #DataScience #Optimization #PERSONALDEVELOPMENT & #Freelancing #NUST | #DUET

Merboy16 @PrincesAda_ @Jons1Girlfriend @ValerianTourist @itsSh0la @elonmusk He staged a coup d’etat via armed insurrection to overthrow the government. He also corralled fake electors to forge fake ballots to submit to Mike Pence to fraudulently steal the election. Then he made off with top-secret documents that belong to the government. #Resist / #BLM / ProChoice / πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’™#BlueCrew 🌊 / #MeToo / Cancer Survivor / Animal Lover / Music&Movie Fan / Science Nerd / Cat Dad / Humanist

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